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32, Corporate Lawyer, Mumbai

I thought we would largely learn about online dating or matrimony. However to my surprise we learnt a lot about organic dating and how to approach. Certain exercises challenged my thought process and I think going forward my approach has totally changed for the better and more structured.

29, Software Engineer at TCS, Kochi

I got a lot of insights on my way of thinking and got clarity on different ways to meet people and take it forward. Elevate definitely helped me and I am looking forward to implementing the same.

40, Business Manager in Credit Suisse, Bengaluru

This 2 day workshop has been brilliant! I feel so much more in control of my dating experiences. Thank you so much! Feeling excited about dating again!

32, Leader in Groww, Bengaluru

One keeps wondering "where am I going wrong" in their single phase. Being in this cohort helped me understand what I should be doing differently, and found a safe space where I felt familiarity and sensed solidarity with the group. I now have a way forward and the clarity of what I want, and what I don't want.

34, Advertising professional, Bengaluru

Like the course mentions - it is an in depth clarity into self and dating - gives you a clear road map to what needs to be done or corrected within yourself - also having an expert opinion on your profile helps.

29, Principal Data Engineer, Gurgaon

Maximizing serendipity is what I joined for. I was not aware about the weekly office hours thing because that for me would be the biggest help - two factors here - accountability and just knowing that there is a place and person whom I can discuss things with.

32, Growth in Udaan, Bengaluru

It was a completely different take on dating and life in general. It was a mindset change in how I perceive relationships. Learnt a lot and feeling excited to put myself out there..

31, Software Engineer at Cisco, Bengaluru

Liked the thought about being intentional about deciding on social events to attend to. Also, got to shed some of my inhibitions in a cohort based setup for the first time.

41, Leadership role at Citi, Bengaluru

Radhika brings a lot of clarity in how the heart and the mind should approach relationships. Empathetic insights personified

29, Manager at Axis Bank, Mumbai

Discovering Radhika through Twitter was a game-changer for my stagnant dating life. Her 2-day dating accelerator cohort was transformative. I gained clarity on my thought patterns and learned to visualize my ideal life and partner attributes. It's all about reverse engineering your choices.

27, Merchandizer in a MNC, Tiruppur

Take time out each week to actually spend time in places where you're going to find your person. Find yourself there. Try and avoid watching Netflix when you could be out and about. Actually put in the effort in being in a place where you could find your person.

29, Software Engineer in a MNC, Gurgaon

I signed up for this program because I wanted to save my time .I was looking for concrete steps to approach my dating life as the way I was approaching it wasted a lot of my time .

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