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YOU are someone's dream!

Get ready for your last first date with a programme designed for marriage-minded singles 

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Hi, I'm Radhika!

If you know me, you'd know that -

- I haven't missed a single episode of New York Times' Modern Love podcast

- Poha-Jalebi is my comfort food

- I believe in social health and organise IRL activities to bring people together in my neighbourhood with HSRisHome

More intro?

-Past: Connecting with people and connecting people as a journalist and advertising professional.

- Present: I only have one offering - Elevate, the Dating Accelerator for marriage-minded singles.

- Future: My best effort is to honour every wedding invitation I receive. Manifesting more!

As seen in The Hindu, The Times of India, New Indian Express, Mid-Day, Deccan Herald, Bangalore Mirror, Bhaskar and The Established.

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Elevate - the Dating Accelerator

Next batch is TBD. Designed for singles aged 25 years and above.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" - Albert Einstein

Dating is no different.

Did you ever hire a Chartered Accountant to help you file complicated taxes?

Did you ever visit a therapist to process issues from the past?

Did you ever embark on a group travel to save time in travel planning?

All these professionals have been a means to an end - having a happy life and achieving your goals! How can Dating be any different? Love is ingrained in us, dating is not! Dating is a learnable skill. Gain clarity so that you choose the right person to to date, engage, marry and grow together.

You'll achieve:

1. Clarity on your personality, attachment style, the kind of people you attract and get attracted to and the science behind it

2. A refreshed dating app profile that'll attract better matches

3. Know-how of how to get off the app and go on real dates

4. Resources on how to design meaningful dates

5. A social calendar that'll enable you to meet people you vibe with

6. Real insights from a community of peers who are also daters at the moment

Please note: This is not a matchmaking programme. This is reverse dating - you get matched with yourself first from the inside and then go outside looking for people with common values, shared goals, clear communication, mutual trust and respect. A cohort offers a maximum of 12 seats as of now. You'll leave with an action plan, personalised recommendations and a community of people who share the same goals as you.

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I was raised in a town where talking to people from the opposite gender came as a punishment if you did something wrong in the class. School days got over and college did not have many women. So I never developed the confidence to have a good conversation with a lady. I learned how we are similar and different, how to approach people with confidence and take it forward.

Jatin (26)

I never had a shortage of options on dating apps, but it was overwhleming to figure out who to talk to. Joining this programme helped me understand what I am looking for and what are the right places to look for. So glad I saved my time and energy by learning how to date well.

Sonali (28)

Everything in life is onterconnected. When I focused on improving relationshps, I noticed how I was taking better care of my health. My team says I have changed for good at the workplace too. I am glad I made this investment of time and money.

Kartik (37)

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The Help Centre

Why join a programme on Dating?

Dating is not just a numbers game, as they say.

You can go on as many dates as you like, but if you are doing it wrong and it's not helping you achieve your relationship goals, then it's time to pause, reflect, course correct and date better.

NO, it does not kill the organic ways and there are no cheap thrills and shortcuts here. YES, you'll still be authentic, more in tune with yourself, what you are looking for in a partner and how o go about it.

What other offerings do you have?

Good News: Many companies and founders want their employees to have good mental health and healthy relationships. So if your company has a Learning and Development budget that allows for this programme to be reimbursed, I can issue you an invoice and a certificate of completion. 

Gift Option: Founders like to gift this to their techies. Not kidding. Ask your founder now.

What is the schedule for Dating Accelerator?

May 27-28 (Saturday and Sunday) from 12 noon - 5 pm IST


How to manifest the right person for you

How your attachment style and personality affect your dating life

How to maximise serendipity and meet people in your city

How to identify dating blindspots and overcome self-sabotaging beliefs

How to use social media to your advantage 

How to have a dating and matrimony profile that attracts good matches

How to design good dates and have meaningful conversations

How to stop dating and start a relationship aka how do you it’s the one

Review and reflection

Bonus: How to handle rejections and break free if need be

Plus: 2 Q&A sessions

(all sessions are live, taken by Radhika. We do not record anything)


Frameworks to help you make the right dating decisions (event decision making matrix, designing your social life, spotting red flags…)

Templates (moving from texting to IRL date, how to have difficult conversations…)

Case studies from real life

Do you think this will work for me?


Come with an open mind to learn and unlearn, put in the work on assignments and exercises outside the sessions. That's when you'll truly benefit from this programme.

Questions? Message me! :)

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