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Clarity Exercises + Online LIVE sessions + Relatable Insights + Bespoke Recommendations + Community of serious daters + 1:1 session

May 4

10 am - 4 pm IST

Offered at INR 11,999.

In this programme, you will

  1. Discover your dating tendencies and break the old patterns that no longer serve you

  2. Shift your mindset from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset

  3. Avoid online dating pitfalls and save your time and energy

  4. Get access to different ways in which you can meet people outside the apps

  5. Turn dates that feel like job interviews to creative dates that enable meaningful conversations

  6. Become a part of a community of daters who are working on the same goal as you

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the next cohort? First Saturday of every month is a new cohort.

  2. Where will it run? It's a fully online program, so you can be anywhere in the world with good Internet connectivity that allows for video calls.

  3. Am I too old or too young for this? You are a good fit if you are ready to change your dating life for good and willing to invest your time in doing the assignments and exercises. This is for beginners who have never dated as well as those who have tried everything and it didn't work for them. People are typically in their 20s, 30s and 40s - never married, widowed or divorced. If you are undergoing separation, this programme is not for you. Please consult a therapist.

  4. What if I cannot join a session? We want everyone to share openly. Recording can make people conscious and nervous. So there will be no recordings or screenshots. You can ask your peers to help you catch up on what you missed.

  5. Will I be in a relationship by the end of this programme? NO. This is not a matchmaking programme. While I selectively matchmake, that's not the offering of this programme. There is no placement guarantee and you better not believe anyone who gives it. The program is designed to help you make better choices for yourself. By working on the process, you'll find the right person.

  6. What's the outcome if you I don't get matched in this? You become more self-aware, work on a dating plan that works for you, attract the right people using online and offline and eventually find an emotionally available, trusting and loving partner. Gain clarity so that you choose the right person to to date, engage, marry and grow together. Remember - just because someone is single does not mean they are ready for a relationship!

  7. Why is this not free like the dating apps? Coz there are no free lunches! Also, if its' free, you are the product! Alright, Radhika does this full-time for a living, pays her bills and is held accountable to her clients. She does not discount her time, neither should you. If you find value, take the next right. If not, take the next left!

  8. What kind of people has Radhika worked with in the past? Radhika has enabled more than 4,000 singles with their life partner search so far. These are typically in their 20s and 30s and 40s, currently working in one of the top cities in India or abroad. These include alumni from Harvard, IIT, IIM, AIIMS etc who are currently working as Venture Capitalists, Y Combinator founders, ENT surgeons, Gynaecologists, Product Managers, Techies, Creative Directors, Musicians, Nurses, Teachers and more.

  9. More Questions? Go to the Contact Us form now.

Program Details

One-day long, fully online. From 10 am - 4 pm IST with break time for lunch.


How to manifest the right person for you

How your attachment style and personality affect your dating life

How to maximise serendipity and meet people in your city

How to identify dating blindspots and overcome self-sabotaging beliefs

How to use social media to your advantage 

How to have a dating and matrimony profile that attracts good matches

How to design good dates and have meaningful conversations

How to stop dating and start a relationship aka how do you it’s the one

Review and reflection

Bonus: How to handle rejections and break free if need be

(all sessions are live, taken by Radhika. We do not record anything)


Frameworks to help you make the right dating decisions (event decision making matrix, designing your social life, spotting red flags…)

Templates (moving from texting to IRL date, how to have difficult conversations…)

Case studies from real life


Clarity Exercises + Online Live sessions + Relatable Insights + Bespoke Recommendations + Community of serious daters + 1:1 session

May 4

10 am - 4 pm

Offered at INR 11,999.


Join a community of readers who are giving centre stage to Relationships, just like you!

Thank youuuu!

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