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Ready for your last first date?

Dating Better

Two-week long Dating Accelerator programme

April 2023


Dates to be announced.

Inner Dialogue

Hmm, but work is crazy, I can lose a few more kilos and do this when I feel ready? Who are we kidding? You miss all the shots you never take. If dating is your priority, you'll make time and the best way to do it is commit to it NOW.

But but but, shouldn't this happen organically? Remember those Karan Johar movies where people find love without any efforts? Sure, ask yourself - what's the effort that you are putting in to meet new people and reconnect with old ones who could be potential dates? Working remotely, ordering-in daily and chilling on Netflix does not look like THE plan to meet your person. 

Come on, meeting people has never been my problem. But I can't seem to find THE one and commit. I mean, You Only Live Once, right? So how do I know if this is the one? I either hop relationships like hopping jobs or unnecessarily drag it even when it's toxic. Well, there's a special place for those with checklists and Fear Of Better Options. Your person does not come in standard shape, size and dimensions like Amazon packages. You go half the way and they come half the way.

Who should sign up for this Dating Accelerator programme?

Are you single and aged between 25 - 35 years of age?

Do you identify as a male or female looking for a monogamous, long-term relationship?

Are you tired of swiping, keen to go on real dates and have meaningful conversations?

If you answered any of the above as YES, this is for YOU!


Hi, I'm Radhika!

In the last 3 years, I've enabled over 3,000 singles with their life partner search. This includes Eligible - a community of single people that meet for Zoom workshops every Sunday for one full year; Slow Dating - a Discord server where I and my cofounder set up singles on audio-only dates; teaching a cohort-based course on Dating; and Dating Lab - 1:1 dates based on the 36 questions that lead to love.


Media mentions in The Times of India, New Indian Express, Mid-Day, Deccan Herald, Bangalore Mirror, The Established and counting...

In this programme, you will

  1. Discover your dating tendencies and break the old patterns that no longer serve you

  2. Shift your mindset from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset

  3. Avoid online dating pitfalls and save your time and energy

  4. Get access to different ways in which you can meet people outside the apps

  5. Turn dates that feel like job interviews to creative dates that enable meaningful conversations

  6. Become a part of a community of daters who are working on the same goal as you

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the next batch? April 2023.

  2. Where will it run? It's a fully online program, so you can be anywhere in the world with good Internet connectivity that allows for video calls.

  3. How do I know if this program is for me? You are a good fit if you are ready to change your dating life for good and willing to invest your time in doing the assignments and exercises. This is for beginners who have never dated as well as those who have tried everything and it didn't work for them.

  4. What if I cannot join a session? We want everyone to share openly. Recording can make people conscious and nervous. So there will be no recordings or screenshots. You can ask your peers to help you catch up on what you missed.

  5. Will I be in a relationship by the end of this programme? There is no placement guarantee and you better not believe anyone who gives it. The program is designed to help you make better choices for yourself. By working on the process, you'll find the right person.

  6. What's the outcome if you I don't get matched in this? You become more self-aware, work on a dating plan that works for you, attract the right people using online and offline and eventually find an emotionally available, trusting and loving partner.

  7. More Questions? Write in to me using the Contact Us form and I'll reply.

Schedule in Indian Timings

Sample schedule - January 2023, 8 - 10 PM IST on all days.

  1. Jan 3, Tuesday - Kickoff

  2. Jan 4, Wednesday - Workshop 1

  3. Jan 5, Thursday - Workshop 2

  4. Jan 10, Tuesday - Profile Showcase Party

  5. Jan 11, Wednesday - Workshop 3

  6. Jan 12, Thursday - Graduation

Dating Better

Two-week long Dating Accelerator programme

April 2023


Dates to be announced.


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