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Ready to date mindfully?

Dating Better

Online cohort-based course on Dating

 November 2022


Next cohort: November 24 - 27; 8 - 10 PM IST.

Course Overview

Dating is a skill and you can learn it. Let that sink in.


No cheat codes, no cheap thrills, and no shortcuts. I have scientific and actionable advice with a generous amount of real-life examples from the hundreds of clients I have worked with. This is four-day-long cohort-based course that needs 10 hours of commitment from your end. 


Learning track includes identifying your dating blindspots, understanding personality, attachment style, compatability and chemistry. We'll work on identifying and avoiding roadblocks. We'll also design a social roadmap for you to meet people outside apps. Of course, we will do a dating profile makeover too.

Who should sign up for this course?

Tired of swiping or finding too much noise on apps?

Dating seems chaotic and don't know where to start or restart from?

Want to go on real dates and not become pen pals every now and then?

Then this course is for you. This course is for straight people who are looking for a monogamous, long-term relationship. This will help you become mindful in your dating approach, burst myths, and empower you with the right tools and resources to transform your life.

This course is for people who are never married or legally divorced, not for those awaiting divorce.

Please note that these sessions are never recorded. We do not take screenshots or attribute on social media. It is a safe space for everyone to share. So just in case, you miss a session, you can attend that session in the next cohort. 

Course Content

  1. Decode your dating tendencies and work on your blindspots - things that are holding you back from finding love.

  2. Understand your peronality, attachment style, love language, compatability and chemistry.

  3. Learn to self-select and attract the right people in your life, be it on or off apps.

  4. Design a social roadmap to meet people outside apps and more organically.

  5. Give a dating refresh to your profile. Go on real dates that lead to connection and relationships. Move on from emotionally unavailable people, focus on what truly matters in the long run (not those superficial filters) and get closer to finding your love.


About Me

I am a matchmaker and relationship coach who has enabled over 2000 singles with their life partner search. Choosing your life partner is the most important decision you’ll ever make. Why leave this to chance? Together, let’s decode the art and science of modern-day relationships and find the relationship of your dreams. Let’s go!

In this course, you will

  1. Discover your dating tendencies and break the old patterns that no longer serve you

  2. Shift your mindset from a scarcity mindset to an abundant mindset

  3. Avoid online dating pitfalls and save your time and energy

  4. Get access to different ways in which you can meet people outside the apps

  5. Turn dates that feel like job interviews to creative dates that enable meaningful conversations

  6. Become a part of a community of people who are working on the same goal as you

What's included

  1. Four LIVE sessions on Zoom

  2. Dating refresh to your profile

  3. A 30-minute 1:1 with Radhika

  4. Access to the Discord community

Schedule in Indian Timings

  1. Session 1 - Thursday (8 PM - 10 PM)

  2. Session 2 - Friday (8 PM - 10 PM)

  3. Session 3 - Saturday (8 PM - 10 PM)

  4. Session 4 - Sunday (8 PM - 10 PM)

Dating Better

Online cohort-based course on Dating

November 2022


Next cohort: November 24 - 27; 8 - 10 PM IST.

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